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How to Install Windows XP Theme in Ubuntu

Ubuntu is very stable operating system. Most developers prefer using Ubuntu over Windows. Some users find it difficult while moving to Ubuntu from Windows. If you were a Windows user and recently moved to Ubuntu. You probably wants to change the look and feel of Ubuntu to Windows GUI.

Ubuntu Showcases New Mobile and Desktop Icon Themes

Ubuntu’s desktop experience has now been revamped together with the mobile one, through a new set of icons, among others. During a session held at the Virtual Ubuntu Developer Summit this week Canonical has shown the new concept of the UI.

Ambiance And Radiance Themes Ported To GTK3; Available For Ubuntu 11.10

Remember when I said that the default theme in Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1 looks like that in Windows 95? Well, it no longer does not. The Ambiance and Radiance themes that comes by default in Ubuntu has been ported to GTK3 now and they have landed in the development version of Ubuntu 11.10 “Oneiric Ocelot”.

How to Change Ubuntu’s Window Borders with Emerald

The look of your operating system is all about the panels and the window borders, so now that we’ve shown you how to customize your panels, it’s time to customize the window borders to make Ubuntu look the way you want it to.

Customize the Panel and Theme of Linux-Ubuntu

If this is your first time using this Linux OS, you shouldn’t afraid of giving it a try although there are some features that are not familiar. There are some important points about it you may want to know like how to customize the panel.

How to Install Ubuntu Themes

You can change this default theme by any other available theme as Ubuntu using the Gnome desktop environment. Ubuntu offers many themes and varieties of Gnome themes are available on different websites which you can download for absolutely free. However, there are few websites which need payment for their offered Gnome themes.

W7 Theme for Ubuntu Brings Windows 7′s Familiar GUI to Linux

W7 is a similar tool that changes your Linux GUI to a more familiar Windows interface. Linux has a highly configurable GUI, but if you long for the more well-known Windows interface, this script will do a remarkably good job of making Ubuntu look like Windows 7.

Top 10 Empathy Themes For Ubuntu/Gnome

We have seen already how to install latest version of empathy IM in Ubuntu, now lets do some customizations with its look and feel.

Give Ubuntu a Fresh New Look with Bisigi Themes

Are you bored with the default brown, orange, and purple of Ubuntu? Here’s how you can give your Ubuntu desktop a quick refresh with a new Bisigi theme.

Equinox Ubuntu Themes – Awesome!

We all love a new theme once in a while to spice up our (boring) Ubuntu desktop. Equinox is a set of two themes for Ubuntu designed by Matthieu James for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. All I can say about the themes is that they look amazing!

Free Themes for Ubuntu 10.04

Users can now easily install some great new Ubuntu themes for Ubuntu 10.04

Canonical’s design team responds to theme criticisms

Canonical designer Ivanka Majic has written a blog entry that describes the reasons behind the change. Majic is also seeking additional feedback from the Ubuntu community.

Ubuntu Artwork Gaining Momentum – 5 Cool Community Contributed Themes from Ubuntu Artwork Pool

The trend had already started with the release of Ubuntu Karmic. A number of community contributed themes started pouring in and some of them even got into the list of default themes for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Lucid Light Themes (Radiance and Ambiance) Available In A PPA

Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) Light Themes (Radiance and Ambiance) – click me if you haven’t seen the themes yet – will probably be updated lots of times until Lucid Lynx is released.

Hands-on: a close look at Ubuntu’s new non-brown theme

Fortunately, the new themes were rolled out to Ubuntu 10.04 alpha testers today in the latest set of package updates. We used the Ubuntu alpha to conduct some hands-on testing so that we could see how the new theme looks with a number of popular applications.

Can Ubuntu ‘out-sexy’ Apple?

Heres a few comments on that Canonical is replacing its signature brown color scheme with the debut of Ubuntu 10.04, the next major release of the popular Linux distribution.

Ubuntu dumps the brown, introduces new theme and branding

In a significant departure from tradition, Ubuntu is shedding its signature brown color scheme and is adopting a new look with a palette that includes orange and an aubergine shade of purple.

No Human Theme In Ubuntu 10.04?

In an interview recorded on February 19 2010, Mark Shuttleworth revealed that a new light theme will replace the Human theme in Ubuntu 10.04. The Human theme has been the default theme in Ubuntu since the first release.

How to Change the Ubuntu Theme

This article is part of a series entitled “Ubuntu Beginners” which walks new users through basic Desktop and Command Line usage. This article will detail how to change and customize your Ubuntu look by managing your themes

30 Awesome Ubuntu Themes

I found many beautiful themes during my search for Ubuntu themes from various sources.Out of these themes I filtered out best looking themes to share with SizzledGear.com readers.These themes are available free for download from Gnome Art.

25+ Stunning Gnome Desktop Themes for ubuntu users

Since most may not know how to install custom themes in ubuntu , here is a quick guide for all those newbies.

Ubuntu 9.10′s New Icon Theme

Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala will ship with a new icon theme, Humanity. It still invokes the orange and brown of the old Human theme but is refreshingly modern and clean.

More Eye Candy Coming To Ubuntu

The Ubuntu art team has been hard at work preparing a new look for Karmic Koala, which is set to be released on October 29th. While no final theme has been chosen, here screenshots of some of the art I like.

Ubuntu Artwork team starts delivering – Four cool themes and two icon sets to start with!

Ubuntu Artwork team finally starts delivering. Although Ubuntu have been the most popular distro for a pretty long time now, it really need to put in a lot of work on enhancing look and feel.

The New Artwork in Ubuntu 9.10

Today, September 11th, we decided to post for our readers, especially Ubuntu users, some of the community themes and icons that will be present in the upcoming Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) operating system, due for release on October 29th.

New Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala Themes

One thing that I look forward to each time a new distro is released is the artwork, theme and overall graphical setup of each distro.

11 beautiful Ubuntu Linux themes

Ubuntu is a popular Linux distribution – among the most user-friendly (although Linux Mint etc. are better in that regard) of all. Like any other Linux flavour, it is open-source and has a huge community behind it. Being open-source, Ubuntu can be customized extensively.

20 GDM Themes For Ubuntu You Probably Haven’t Seen Before

The most beautiful part of being a linux user is the choice you have, whatever issue it is. Like any other Linux distro, Ubuntu is infinitely customisable with any number of themes and applications. This include login window themes or gdm themes as well.

Ubuntu Has Eye Candy Too

In our use of the Windows 7 Release Candidate so far, the biggest difference we’ve noticed is that it’s prettier. But Ubuntu has announced its intention to bring the bling too, and there is hope that 9.10 (Karmic Koala) might be the edition where they finally ditch the brown and go for something with a […]

Give that Windows 7 look to Ubuntu

Before anyone says that a linux user should never install a theme which looks like Windows/Mac I want to say that it’s the user’s choice what theme they like and feel more familiar with. Remember that you also installed Ubuntu and maybe wanted a more great looking interface.

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