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How To Fix A Non-Bootable Ubuntu System Due To Broken Updates using LiveCD and chroot

If your Ubuntu system doesn’t boot because of some broken updates and the bug was fixed in the repositories, you can use an Ubuntu Live CD and chroot to update the system and fix it.

ow to Create a Custom Ubuntu Live CD or USB the Easy Way

There are several different ways to create custom Ubuntu live CDs. We’ve covered using the Reconstructor web app in the past, but some commenters recommended the Ubuntu Customization Kit instead. It’s an open-source utility found in Ubuntu’s software repositories.

How to make your own “Ubuntu LiveUSB”

Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on Linux. It is a free and open source software, using its own desktop environment. A Live USB is a USB that has a bootable OS (Operating System) on it. This instructable will help you create one!

Create Disk Image & Clone Hard Disk Partition With Ubuntu Live USB

Ubuntu Live media disk lets you clone disks and create disk images, so that you can easily restore the data after performing low-level cleaning of the system. In this post, we will look at 2 simple ways for cloning and imaging disks using Ubuntu Live USB.

How to Put Ubuntu Linux on a USB Thumb Drive (Without the Mess)

We all know, Ubuntu LiveUSBs are really cool, and really helpful as well. Usually when you install Ubuntu on a USB thumb drive, the drive becomes pretty much unusable for data storage, because there’s a mess of Ubuntu files in it. You’d surely ask yourself, “Where on earth do I store my data now?”

What to do with your USB flash drive: Run Linux

What do you use your USB flash drive for? Have you considered running Linux from it? A Linux Live USB flash drive is a great way to try out Linux without making any changes to your computer. It’s also handy to have around in case Windows won’t boot–allowing access to your hard disks–or if you […]

Help bring disk encryption to the Ubuntu Live CD

Right now most users don’t even realize that Ubuntu offers full disk encryption because the option is not included in the popular default Live CD installer. Instead you have to use the text-based alternate CD to install Ubuntu with disk encryption.

Create Bootable Ubuntu Live USB Without Boot Error

Many Linux enthusiasts want to try Ubuntu to learn about it, but don’t know how to install it safely on their Windows machine. Wait! Before installing Ubuntu on your machine you can taste its flavor by installing on a USB Pendrive.

Being safe with Ubuntu on a USB flash drive

One of the best things a Windows user can do for Defensive Computing is to have a bootable copy of Linux on hand. The classic reason being to rescue a broken copy of the operating sytem, but the much more important reason is for on-line banking.

Creating an Ubuntu Live USB from CD

In the following segment I show you how I used the Official Startup Disk Creator (created by the Ubuntu team) to put Ubuntu on a USB Flash Drive. Ubuntu’s Casper Persistent feature can also be used for saving and restoring changes on subsequent boots. Ubuntu is a Linux distribution created by Canonical Ltd

Make Your Own Customized Ubuntu Live CD or Thumb Drive

Have you ever wanted a nice, personalized copy of Ubuntu to take around with you? Even if you aren’t well versed in the terminal, Remastersys makes it very easy to create a customized live CD from the Ubuntu you already have installed.

Create an Ubuntu Live CD on a USB Flash Drive

An Ubuntu Live CD has many useful purposes and is handy when installed on a USB flash drive. UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions without burning a CD. It runs on both Windows and Linux.

How to Create Your Own Customized Ubuntu Live CD

We love a good live CD, but what if your favorite one doesn’t quite have every application or tweak you need? Here’s how to roll your own Ubuntu Live CD, with all the packages you want, and some nice customizations, to boot.

How to Create Your Own Customized Ubuntu Live CD

We love Live CDs, but it’s a hassle installing the same packages every time you need to do a virus scan or recover accidentally deleted data. We’ll show you how to roll your own Ubuntu Live CD, with all the packages you want, and even more nice customizations.

Rescue Old, Damaged CDs with an Ubuntu Live CD

Your old CDs – especially ones you’ve burned yourself – degrade over time, to the point that they’re unreadable. We’ll show you how to squeeze as much data out of them as you can, before it’s too late!

Reset your Windows password, edit the Windows Registry from Ubuntu

In connection with the Windows viruses and impossibility to start regedit or Windows in whole, sometimes Windows users need to edit the registry from outside. I’ve found, so far, the only utility in Linux chntpw, which was originally designed to reset passwords, and then acquired the registry editing ability.

HOW TO – rescue data from a crashed PC the gentle way

Now you might think that’s all well and good but what if the PC won’t boot up onto the hard drive, how do I get the data off? The answer lies with three simple words – Ubuntu boot disc.

Make a Drive Image Using an Ubuntu Live CD

Cloning a hard drive is useful, but what if you have to make several copies, or you just want to make a complete backup of a hard drive? Drive images let you put everything, and we mean everything, from your hard drive in one big file.

Clone a Hard Drive Using an Ubuntu Live CD

Whether you’re setting up multiple computers or doing a full backup, cloning hard drives is a common maintenance task. Don’t bother burning a new boot CD or paying for new software – you can do it easily with your Ubuntu Live CD.

Mount Encrypted Home Directory (~/.private) From an Ubuntu Live CD

Recently my old desktop system crashed and I brought a new Ubuntu Laptop from Dell. To access my data from old hdd; I’ve attached my desktop harddisk using an external USB case. Now my old data is stored using external USB hard disk.

Use An Ubuntu Live CD To Test Your PC’s Memory

If your PC has been experiencing strange system crashes, or even the dreaded blue screen of death, it’s worth running some tests to check your system hardware. Luckily the Ubuntu Live CD has some tools built right in.

Put Ubuntu 10.04 on Flash Drive using Windows

In the following tutorial, we show you one way to put the (Lucid Lynx) Ubuntu 10.04 ISO on a USB Flash Drive using Windows.

Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD

In this article, we’ll examine four tools that can recover data from the most messed up hard drives, regardless of whether they were formatted for a Windows, Linux, or Mac computer, or even if the partition table is wiped out entirely.

Use an Ubuntu Live CD to Securely Wipe Your PC’s Hard Drive

Have you ever given or sold a PC to somebody else, but really wanted to completely wipe the hard drive first? Today we’ll show you how to use an Ubuntu Live CD to get your personal information off your PC.

Change or Reset Windows Password from a Ubuntu Live CD

If you can’t log in even after trying your twelve passwords, or you’ve inherited a computer complete with password-protected profiles, worry not – you don’t have to do a fresh install of Windows.

Using Ubuntu Linux to Rescue Windows

Did Windows crash beyond repair? If so, you probably want to get your files off of the drive before you erase everything and reinstall Windows. This tutorial will help you do exactly that.

Using Ubuntu Linux to Rescue Windows

Did Windows crash beyond repair? If so, you probably want to get your files off of the drive before you erase everything and reinstall Windows. This tutorial will help you do exactly that.

Web Based Ubuntu And Debian Custom Installation / Live CD Creation Service

One of the most mentioned ideas at Ubuntu Brainstorm is creating a custom installation/live cd website-as-service which would allow users to customize their install/live cd, in the spirit of Linux and open-source in general.

Looking closer at Fedora, Ubuntu live CDs

I’m interested in whether we can use the contents of these live CDs to mass-install operating systems using libguestfs. If you imagine that you go through an “all defaults” install of say Fedora or Ubuntu to a new virtual machine, then when you end up with is an identical disk image containing 1-2 GB of […]

Create your own customized Ubuntu Live CD

In this article I am going to show you how to take a downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 iso image, mount it, customize it, and rebuild the Live CD from your newly customized image. This process can be time consuming, but is worth it.

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