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Is Ubuntu Driving Users Away?

Flash forward to now, Linux users are presented with two Gnome-type solutions that both fail to offer the kind of experience I once enjoyed. At first I had thought this was a simple matter of me not wanting to change. Then I realized not too long back I opted to use an application called Gnome-Do over the “old menuing system” I had previously relied on. Read more here

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  1. Comment by AWKIII — September 21, 2011 @ 4:51 pm

    I guess I will never understand people. To be honest, I am tired of users constantly whining about Ubuntu, applications and the sort.

    In case you forgot, Ubuntu and the apps are FREE! You pay absolutely nothing for them and the vast majority of don’t make a donation here or there or pitch in and lend a helping hand to make something good better.

    In case you forgot, most of the work on these projects are done by folks who receive absolutely nothing for the countless hours they spend attempting to make something special better.

    Here is my suggestion to everyone who gets on these boards and does nothing but bitch:

    Head down to your local Apple Store and take a good hard look at what a Mac costs these days. Perhaps you will be a little more forgiving when you decide to have a public hissy fit about the stupidest little thing.


    Take a look at what a copy of Windows and Office will cost you. Add in a copy of Photoshop while you are at it.

    You folks have forgotten what Ubuntu and Linux are all about. There is no such thing as a perfect OS and there never will be. We all have different needs.

    No different than Mac and Windows, you have a choice. If you don’t think Ubuntu is your cup of tea, move on to a different flavor. My guess is you will complain about them as well.

    Instead of complaining, do something. Perhaps sit down behind your machine and create your own distro. But be careful…..your ilk will rip yours apart as well.

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