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Change Metacity button location in Ubuntu

Ordinarily I wouldn’t bother trying to help out Gnome users because Gnome itself is deliberately hamstrung and at the same time grotesquely overweight, but this is something so simple and so straightforward as to make all the More here

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  1. Comment by carolinason — March 15, 2010 @ 3:25 pm

    IMHO You’ve got to be kidding, right. If Gnome is so overweight, then why is it the most efficient desktop on my machines of all the *buntus. Kubuntu and Xubuntu don’t come close to the performance I get with Gnome. Believe me, I wanted to run KDE 4-.0,.1,.2,.3,.4, but they all hogged my system, responded poorly and as of 4.4 still unstable. Why Xubuntu performs slower than Gnome is anyone’s guess, but it performs better than Kubuntu.

    I can load a bare bones Debian system and XFCE and it will be by far the most effecient, but I don’t engage in these sorts of things much at all anymore, since I have time constraints. So, I suppose that when I get whatever hardware it is that you run, I’ll be sticking with Gnome. Machines that have 2 GHz single cores with SATA drives and 1.5GB of RAM “should” handle most any desktop task.

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