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Shuttleworth about GNOME 3.0

Sees good possibility of having a common meta-release cycle with Debian – Not sure if GNOME3 will make the next LTS More here

derStandard.at: There is a Long-Term-Support (LTS) release coming up in April 2010, also GNOME 3.0 should be out around that time. Is next spring in this respect a really good time for a LTS release?

Shuttleworth: Well this a really interesting question. The heart of this question is: How do you deal with the situation where a distro makes a long term release and upstreams are on a different schedule. I think it’s worth asking the question: “Is it valuable for upstreams to have a long term release made?” And no-one disagrees that this would be valuable, but when are you going to do that? Until now there’s been no overarching force to say you do it now or then. I think, what we are about to see is the emergence of sort of a greater structure in the cadence of releases in the open source ecosystem.

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