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Dumping Windows for Ubuntu

I have decided after much deliberation that I am no longer going to withstand Microsoft Window’s buggy software. More here

Ubuntu seems to be an increasingly popular distribution of Linux, and I’ve also seen that Dell have started to ship PC’s with Ubuntu already installed. This sounded like good news, if manufacturers are taking this on board, then there has got to be some progress being made on Linux.

I decided to take another look, and go for Ubuntu.

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  1. Comment by Ian — April 19, 2009 @ 11:39 pm

    Well done! I have dual booted Ubuntu (being the preferred OS) along a PC with XP and one with Vista. Can’t say I’ve had probs with the Windows, as defragging it with Auslogics and using Ccleaner keep those peppy. Enjoy Ubuntu – it is far superior.

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