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Interview with Agostino Russo – Wubi – Ubuntu

In this interview we talk with Agostino. In specific, we talk about: The history of Wubi, Providing a bridge for Windows users to try Linux easily,
Integrating Wubi into the Linux community and specifically Ubuntu, Making the OS install and later upgrade simple for users, Feedback from users and other Linux distributions More here

But because we did not have the resources to provide a customized ISO for each Ubuntu flavor, I had to modify the booting code of the installer so that it would patch a standard ISO image dynamically. There were other changes involved on the Linux side, particularly in the boot loader and sysvinit code to make a standard distribution capable of booting and rebooting from a loop installation. The original project that covered all this backend work was called “lupin” (for “loop-installer”).

This was basically Wubi 7.04.

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